Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's never too late for a revival

Blogging seemed like really hard work - trying to be smart, funny, current, interesting, a good mum, and actually more than anything trying to share my views and ideas in a non judgemental, inoffensive way. Inevitably someone will find me quite disagreeable. I think I'm about ready to accept that and carry on. I do have some strong views and sometimes I just like a rant (not to be taken too seriously) but it feels good to vent and I promise not to do it ALL the time. You'll need to forgive any typos - all down to super fast typing - especially in rant mode. And I can literally only be me so I hope I don't find out I'm super boring and not one ounce funny. I'm a ranter not a writer!

So reintroducing...

Sam, age 6 (formerly known as Wee Dude)
Mia, age 4, nearly 5 (formerly known as Wee Love)
Mr R, husband, age undisclosed (still probably doesn't want to be all 'out there' on my blog)

All completely hilarious, totally annoying and VERY VERY cute (even Mr R), lots of pics will follow you lucky lucky people :D

NB. Mr R has vetoed the upload of pics of him so I'm afraid he will forever be a mystery to you.

Perhaps I should also reintroduce myself - that'd be an idea... I am Becks, 31, mum of the family, was a stay at home mum for a few years, did a bit of childminding, had a wee stay in Dubai for a few months in 2010, came back home to Glasgow, Scotland where I do NOT want to leave again and returned to full time work in April this year which is quite an adjustment with some positives and some negatives. You'll hear more about these in due course.

I'd love all your feedback as well so please comment, share your thoughts, and I'll do my best to repay the favour with blog visits and comments.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Love Nails

I was so sure I'd already blogged about my love of painting my nails but I must have deleted it by mistake. I'm giving it another go to check the quality of the pics as I'm blogging from my phone and hope to do more if this in future, IF it works ok. I'm so 21st century, NOT!

I love doing my nails and I'm proudly passing this on to my 3yr old daughter, Wee Love. Every Friday this last few weeks since Wee Dude has started school, we've been doing our nails together. She's had a wee bit of pink or sparkles or silver and I've been having blue or silver with this brilliant black crack effect polish on top. Wee Love will show her nails off to anyone who'll look (and so will I tbh!)

PS my new phone is an HTC Desire S and I'm sooooo in love with it.

PPS I'm blaming any typos on predictive text but I will try my best to get it right :)

Great Day Out

Recently we had a day out at The Riverside Museum, in Glasgow where Danny MacAskill and The Clan were doing cycling stunts. They were brilliant and the whole event was excellent as kids could bring their own bikes and try the mini bike tracks. The weather was great and now that Wee Dude can ride his bike he was in his element.

You can find Danny's clips on you tube, they are very cool!