Thursday, 31 March 2011

My very own reasons to be cheerful

Well, it's been a boring week this week and for some reason my patience has not been very high at all, the weather hasn't been great and I've been struggling with this blog....BUT I've got a wee group of mummy bloggers to visit thanks to BMB and reading Michelle's blog Mummy From The Heart has given me a wee boost to at least write something even if it's not that great. That's not a judgement on Michelle's blog, it was great, I just mean that mine haven't been too great so far.

So with all those reasons above NOT to be cheerful out the way......

R2BC 1.

My new hair cut is super easy to manage and it hardly takes me any time in the morning so I'm really glad I had it chopped! Plus Mr R likes it too so double bonus :)

R2BC 2.

My gorgeous monkey kids have made me lovely mothers day cards at nursery (well, I haven't opened them yet but I'm sure they will be very sweet) and have wrapped some daffodils as a pressie.

R2BC 3.

I'm just about finished my book - due back to the library tomorrow - and I've really enjoyed it. It was Nigel Farndale's The Blasphemer. It's on the Richard and Judy Book Club list for spring. A great story, some told from three generations ago in the war and some from modern day as a man discovers the history of his grandfather and great-grandfather. Can't say much more without ruining it but it's been a good read. Hopefully I'll get another book from the list out the library tomorrow :) Still got about six books in the queue at home mind you.

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