Sunday, 10 April 2011

Goodbye 4 days of summer :(

After a totally summers weekend I optimistically looked out and tried on my summer clothes and glasses and bought flip flops hoping that this would be our early summer and it would last a few more days.

Well, I have just checked the forecast and it pretty much includes cold, rain and hail for the next few days :(

'Goodbye' summer clothes, 'hello' coat and hat *cries*

I might wear my sunnies to cheer myself up anyway.


  1. And hello to bored, restless kids - arghh! we have a similar post!
    Evey @ Polythenepram

  2. I too tried on my summer clothes. At least yours fit. Two months with back/disc pain = + 2 stone.
    :( Not only have I been eating too many muffins, I have my own muffin top look.


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