Thursday, 28 April 2011

The grass isn't always greener

I'm getting involved with sticky fingers gallery this week. I'm an artist at heart and I do like photography but it's another one of these things that I never take further than my own personal enjoyment.

When we left Scotland last June for a new life in Dubai I didn't think I'd miss anything about Scotland. I hated the weather and craved hot weather and constant sunshine. My words to Mr R were 'The hotter the better'. In one way I wish I could take those words back and save us a lot of money and stress BUT the experience of being in Dubai had made me love Scotland more than I ever thought I would.

For those who have not been to Dubai, it's a city built in the desert. There really is very little natural greenery. They bring trees, plants and turf in from elsewhere and use vast amounts of water to keep this alive. You don't even need to go far out of the city to see the real landscape in that area. It's quite sad to see the effort that goes into making and maintaining a very false environment. For anyone interested here's a very interesting article from  the independent online.

We arrived back late November 2010. It was freezing cold but the sight of the countryside made me feel so at home. The heavy snow started the day after we arrived home and lasted for weeks. The first few days I drove around just soaking up the landscape. How could I have missed how stunning our country is? I think I always knew it was but completely took it for granted. At that time everywhere was white but the trees looked so crisp all covered in snow.

Now it's spring and everything is green again. We live within a few miles of Glasgow city centre and there is so much green space it's unbelievable. We are surrounded by parks, some small, some big. We don't have a car just now so we're venturing out on bus and train finding the best way to get to all the parks. It's a beautiful time of year, it's warm, sunny, and the parks look incredible. We're really making the most of it because last summer we were stuck indoors for months in Dubai. We made it to the pool but at 49 degrees it was too hot to walk anywhere further.

The picture I've chosen was taken a few weeks ago at Pollok Country Park where we spent the day playing, exploring the woods, having a picnic and feeding the horses. That's Wee Dude sitting in the woods. Just to have seasons and a variety of weather - sometimes all in one day - is amazing!

I love Scotland and I never want to leave again.


  1. as you say dont appreciate a good thing until you o longer have it, I live on west coast of Scotland and the beaches and parks are just beautiful and I would be hard pushed to live else where. Welcome back to Scotland

  2. Amazing Photo, looks so peaceful and calm. The colour and light is fantastic! Nat. X

  3. love the green in this photo, I don't think I could live in Dubai. I've heard great things about Glasgow - never been, seems to have best of both worlds.
    Loving your film list and music list!

  4. Beautiful picture. I really could not imagine living anywhere like Dubai.

    Mich x


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