Saturday, 23 April 2011

So, it's just me

Since moving about 45 mins drive from where I used to live I've been trying to stay in touch with/keep up with my friends from my old area. I have no car so I've been on the train with my kids (a 2hr journey each way and costs £24) and hired a car for a day to make it easier. One friend drove to my new house to visit and one came by train to the city nearby and we went to a park with the kids.

None of my friends other than the one who drove will drive to my house because they either don't know the way/always get lost/never been before/don't like driving somewhere new. (There is one friend who I believe will drive but so far we haven't organised a date so hopefully I wont have to lump her in with the ones below.)

Now I find this totally ridiculous and feel a bit offended that they would rather I trek on 4 trains, in 2 taxis for 4 hours with 2 young kids or never see me.

I spoke to Mr R about it and he said that he can kind of understand it coz he doesn't like and probably wouldn't drive without sat nav to a place he doesn't know. I don't find this particularly acceptable either but he has sat nav so therefore he still can travel (assuming we had a car that is).

My friends are not the only ones. I have a relative like that and when we lived in Dubai most of the people I knew wouldn't drive far. This was partly due to the mental driving over then but really, why restrict your own life because you don't want to try and navigate your way to somewhere new? I just don't understand.

I have come to some realisations. The first is that I will not go on the dreaded train journey to visit these people again. I will do my best to visit the friend who visits me. In fact she said she'd rather come to me than have me travel all that way - a real friend.

I have in turn had to accept that I'm a judgemental person. And not just about the driving. Although I will normally keep my judgements to myself I still judge. I may share on this blog more of these judgements so feel free to not to read.....


  1. ahh what a shame. I hope you make some nice new local friends.

    Mich x

  2. your not judgemental, I think they are being a bit unreasonable - what a difficult situation. people are strange, I find it odd that people will limit themselves to only what they know. Could you meet in the middle somewhere?
    At least you know where you stand, stick with those who make the effort for you - they are obviously true and loyal


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