Monday, 23 May 2011

3rd slice lucky?

Eugh mornings! I hate them more and more these days.

This is my lovely bed, the best, most comfy place in the world BUT I really need tips on how to get up in the morning so please comment before I end up as some bed ridden mum lol.

I can't be the only one who gets woken by fighting and whining 'She stole my chair!', 'He's hitting me!' Why would I want to get up and deal with that? What's worse is that this morning it took me 3 attempts to get my breakfast.

Slice of toast #1 - I put it on and boiled the kettle. But the toast popped while I was dealing with a tantrum and by the time I was done the toast was too cold.

Slice of toast #2 - I managed to get the toast buttered this time and the water poured into my cup when Wee Dude accidentally broke his bedroom lamp. The wire was tangled in a mess of books and it's glass so had to be cleared up straight away. By the time I got to my breakfast it was all cold. I also found some hot wheels cars inside the lamp - so that's where they got to.

Slice of toast #3 - Both kids were warned to get on the couch and stay there so I could have my breakfast!

My kids are 3 yrs and 4 yrs now so is it too much to expect to have my breakfast when it's freshly made?

It's 11am, we're still not dressed and I'm currently pulling barbies hair out of the zhu zhu hamsters wheels.

Ah the joys....

Just as I preview my post Wee Love  has got her own hair stuck in the zhu zhu hamsters wheels!!!! OMG So I've had to cut her hair to get her free. When will it be bedtime again *cries*


  1. Oh dear, what a morning! But one I'm sorry to say I'm very familiar with! My two play lovely for 15 min and then it starts to sound like world war 3 has broke out, every morning! I've resigned myself to the fact it won't end till they start having lie ins! And the bloody wheels on those things, I found one hidden in livis bedroom with a 1cm clump of hair in it, I'd gone on that much about not putting it near her head she couldn't tell me it'd ripped her hair out! Nat

  2. Oh the poor wee thing. Imagine riping her hair out!? When do they start to have lie ins? - I can't wait!


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