Monday, 16 May 2011

Tough job being a mum

Oh man, it's been weeks since I blogged last!

I've had a tough couple of weeks with the kids. Being a mum is bloody hard work, isn't it?! Why didn't nature make bringing up kids easier? I've been dealing with two kids (3yrs and 4yrs) who don't listen, take ages to do something I've asked, I'm repeating myself constantly and Wee Dude (nearly 5) is getting more and more defiant. Up until last week everything I seemed to say or do made a situation worse with him. But I eventually searched the internet for some info and solutions and got some great help on This page in particular was a massive help. This is pretty much a list of exactly the behaviour I've been facing with no idea what to do about it.

Well, I do now and things have much much nicer around here since last week. Both kids have a 'good listening chart' and I've been trying to give them both more of a choice about things and encouraging them to help in the house more. One thing I found surprising was a page on the site which suggested avoiding scenarios which you know your kid wont like or that will trigger a tantrum, like going shopping etc or going to a fancy restaurant. Although I wouldn't take my kids out shopping all day I do expect them to be able to be in a shop and behave. And I probably wouldn't take them to a really fancy restaurant but I would expect them to go to a normal restaurant for lunch and be able to behave for a shortish amount of time. If I avoid all of these situations how will they ever learn how to behave in different places? Now that I have some 'official' ish guidance I can give myself permission to ease off a bit while they are going through this stage. So I'm feeling calmer and a bit more in control. Here are my two little rascals :)

Otherwise, we've been busy going to the park, meeting new mums, trying a new soft play, swimming lessons, and spending a LOT of time walking to and from bus stops! Man alive, I need a car, and there may be one on the horizon but I don't want to get too excited incase it doesn't materialise.

........and breathe.........


  1. Oh its awful when they're like that,its great when you feel like you've got it under control, it the days when your knackered and it all goes out of the window you have to just forget about!
    Sounds like you've been having lots of fun though! Fingers crossed for the car too! Nat

  2. Kids are remarkably hard work!

    But still yours look awfully cute!



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