Sunday, 19 June 2011

I need a motto

You know how over the years certain words or phrases catch on within your family and get repeated and repeated. One I posted about recently that's used in our house is 'Strawberry Kebabs' to describe wanting something that is nearly impossible to get or doesn't even exist.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Why bother?

I started blogging for a place to vent. I started tweeting because 'that's what you do' when you want to drive traffic to your blog and everyone else is doing it. But if it doesn't earn you money then why spend so much time online?

I've been on facebook for ages and not really used it that much. I used it more in Dubai to keep in touch with friends and see what they were up to. I got into a game on fb which I admit I'm addicted to.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Thank god for MILs - I've got a weekend off!

Thanks to my lovely mother-in-law Mr R and I have a weekend off from the kids. Wee Dude and Wee Love are off to granny's for a fun weekend.

They've been going to their granny's for so long now they are pretty much no bother when I leave them. Wee Dude seems to think it's 'boring' at granny's but he always has fun when he's there. I think he's just getting to that age (nearly 5) when he likes to share his opinion about everything, 'that's boring', 'urgh, it's not fair', 'I hate going to such and such....', 'eewwww, pink - that's disgusting!'It's quite funny sometimes to see how he's trying to express himself in different ways than he did even 6 months ago.

So, on my itinerary for the weekend is sleep, tv, takeaway, more sleep, a wee day out with Mr R during the day for lunch and a wander round town, read my book and more sleep. We never get out together during the day without the kids coz normally if they're away we go for a night out and suffer with a hangover the next day, but not this weekend.

Here are the little darlings I've dumped on granny for two nights...awww I miss them already.

Check out my updated 30 day song challenge page. I've got a few great ones on there.

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Bloody hell, I've not been on top of my blog lately at all!

Blogging, for me, is not something I do to relax. In fact, the only thing I like to do to relax is watch tv, films or read. Oh, don't forget sleeping - that's my favourite. Everything else pretty much is on my 'To Do' list. Two weeks ago I started tweeting a bit and found between reading other's tweets and blogs and facebook updates, checking my garden on fb (I'm obsessed) I had no time for my actual real life, which by the way I do have.

I had to take a wee breather from some of it. Not my garden - it might virtually die. I want to keep blogging but need to find a way to work it into my life so it's not a chore. How do you, my lovely readers, do it? I know there are threads about this on Brit Mums, but once again I do not have time to search the site, find the thread, add a post, link to the thread, link to someone else's site which I will, no doubt, have a wee read through. I am essentially lazy.