Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wee Dude can ride his bike!

Wee Dude has reached another milestone recently - he's learned to ride his bike without stabilisers :)

Mr R had a week off work and the two of them went out a few days in a row to get Wee Dude riding. I was amazed how quickly he picked it up and now there's no stopping him.

A word of warning before you play this video...Wee Love does a fair bit of screaming for attention so you may want to keep your volume low. All the screaming was the reason I hadn't been able to get Wee Dude riding before now. Every time the three of us would go out she created a scene without fail so I gave up.


And here is the face of the girl doing all the butter wouldn't melt

I'm a proud mum :)

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