About Me

I'm a 30 yr old mum of two - 4yr old boy, Wee Dude and 3yr old girl, Wee Love. I'm married to Mr R and at the moment I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while the kids are at nursery. I'm about to start a course in Marketing so that when I go back to work I can begin to carve out a career for myself. I'm normally pretty chilled but in the last few years I've become decidedly UN-chilled. I'm working on it. ENTER: The Blog

We're originally from Glasgow, but Mr R has lived a lot of his life in Livingston. I moved to Livingston a few years back and that's where we had the kids. We spent a few months in Dubai last summer and then in winter 2010 we moved back to our roots and are settled in Glasgow. We forgot how great a city it is and in fact really appreciate now how great a country Scotland is.